Strange Thoughts

Strange Thoughts

When someone quits job and buys luxury bus to travel world or for some other cause, everyone likes that. They start sharing it on Facebook, Whatsapp or other social channels, talking about that.

And when the same thing is done at their own home then they argue, fight and follow all measures so that the person change his or her decision.

These opposition kind of things are done mostly in Asian countries; as in foreign or European countries they are very clear with thought of life, happiness in life, so they appreciate these acts. Mostly we can see the person there is detached from the earning or fundas of life that force him towards stress. They want there life to be very simple far from stress. There many people earning hefty amount, for the peace of life go and work in farms or some other task that we Indians think is pity.

We think that everyone should have same priority in their life as we are. But how is this possible; each individual is having different aspect of life. The way they see their life priorities are different from others. Even the two identical twins also don’t have the same view towards life.

We should just teach how to make difference in good and bad to our children, rest is their destiny and most important depends on their likings. They may prefer travelling around the world, or being a bookworm, may be a great banker or a chaser. Our concern should be more on teaching them making difference in good and bad rather then telling the good and bad.

They should be given the choice of good and bad. Then this world will become more happy, because we will unnecessary not be worried about others doing.

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