Sleeping Late

Sleeping Late

Do you love waking up late? This is not a recommended by health experts. The doctors all over the world suggest to avoid sleeping till late. It disturbs your daily routine, your mood, increases stress and anxiety and you welcome various health related problems also.

When you don’t sleep well your body show signs of gaining weight. Your body become more tired, and don’t feel liking getting up after staying up late at night.

Sleeping late at night makes you wake up late and this can lead to loss of concentration. Because your mind is still in rest because of distubance in your sleep. To sleep on time at night is advisable because it keeps you fresh, you will complete your sleeping hours and your body time-table will also not get disturbed.

It also effects in your voice quality, the voice becomes too hoarse and rough.

Sleeping late affects the brain. Have you experienced the headache or back ache or both when you wake up late. This is becuase of your habit of sleeping late at night.
If this is your regular habit of sleeping late and getting up late then you can observe slowly developing dark circles under your eyes. Pimples and other skin problems also appear due to this habit.

Those who sleep for short periods and late at night have higher tendency of rise in blood pressure.

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