Learning about ourselves

Learning about ourselves

Authority of any kind especially in the field of thought and understanding is the most destructive evil thing. Be your own teacher and your own disciple.

And when you don’t follow anybody, you become lonely and you fear this loneliness because first time in life you are facing yourself. First time in life you are moving away from the crowd.

Learning yourself implies great sensitivity. To learn about something you should live it; to know yourself, you should live with yourself then you will know that you are not a static thing you are naturally living thing. To understand yourself you will have to free your mind only then you can observe.

Free mind is which which does no agree or disagree, it neither take part in an argument or disputes.

To know yourself you will have to understand yourself with free mind. When our mind is busy in thoughts we cannot understand, we cannot look at ourself simply, without any thoughts in a process to understand.

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