Jeaolus Parents

Jeaolus Parents

Have anyone seen jeaolus parents. Those who are real parents and not step parents.
We listen in day to day life from parents and grandparents in general or commenting on someone else that step mom of that girl or boy treats in bad way.

Does treating in a bad way, asking to do work, not giving food is the only bad thing that can be done to the so called child?

Disrespecting or being jealous, are these things not counted.

I have a friend whose parents dont like her husband, they disrespect him and whenever they are out for fun; her parents dont like. They call this lafange bazi. Whereas they like the same thing done by there cousins.

They also ask for the money for taking care. But they dont want to respect the guy. Whereas that guy is very down to earth, he never replies back, though not getting respect from the parents but then also has still maintained the respect for them.

The reason that I think is because that guy is far from the wordly pleasure of showing off. He is not having car, his own house but lives his life like a prince and that thing, that happiness I think is not acceptable by the parents. They want to have a car, a big house so that they can tell others and splash infront of others.

But I think he is very great who is living this life, because somewhere we all want to and think of living this life.

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