Father’s Day

Father's Day

There’s a day for fathers also… To complement Mother’s day, father’s day was introduced in the early 20th century in US to celebrate fatherhood and male parenting. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year but it hardly gets noticed.

Fathers are protective, supportive and responsible for their children. Children have more confidence when their fathers spend time with them and show them affection. The fatherhood is more challenging a relationship than motherhood at least in one way. The motherhood is God gift and the relationship comes into existence naturally. Neither the mother nor the child has to make efforts for it, whereas fatherhood is purely cultural and learnt relationship. The mother tells the child who is its father and the man with all its masculinity struggles hard to embrace the same level of emotional intensity as the mother has. And needless to mention fathers are said to be emotionally deficient and are blamed for never having emotional parity with his counterpart i.e. mother. His fatherhood always keeps on acquiring and absorbing the motherly instinct in his masculine format.

The man turned father has no inner guide to understand the nuances of fatherhood except that he looks for a smile on the face of his woman and the infant. He continuously depends and borrows ideas from the motherly instinct of his woman and then comes out with fresh solutions of charm and sweetness by guesswork mix of his masculine sense, the only instinct he is always at the tenterhooks of womenfolk, as according to them, it only teaches them “insensitivity”.

The fatherhood is special for the child also. The child feels perhaps who is this next to mother like who gives no nourishment or food but is still loves me values me so much. Perhaps it is here that the child acquires the intangible selfless attachment which is beyond the “need dependence hypothesis” with due respect to motherhood and mother’s day please 🙂

The fatherhood is evolutionary for a man in one way as it let him trespass beyond the space of his manhood. The gender insulation is broken between both the partners and they come closer in the care-space created for the child and at times they are just parents neither man nor woman. This adds the popularly known “add on” effect into their relationship.

Finally the woman and her motherhood instinct gets a little tranquilized and quite since she can take a nap inside the bedroom while the declared-insensitive-father in the balcony will struggle hard to project same emotional intensity as that of mother in his masculine love but the child keep on crying until the father really replicates something motherly or something special like the child’s mother does and the child also sleeps past midnight on his hard shoulders. I think this is the best moment for a man to overpower the deficiency of his masculinity in his own innovative ways and finally finding that both the motherhood and the childhood are relaxed and satisfied in his kingdom of fatherhood.

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