Fake Scholars

Fake Scholars

Some people think themselves as scholar, because they have read so many books in their life at-least more then an average person. Some times average person think those scholars to be great person as if only they know each and everything in life. Because they have so many stories and examples to present to an average person. That average person get mesmerized with the knowledge.

But actually if a knowledgeable person cannot come above the basic difference where average people stuck in life then their is nothing that so called scholar person has achieved. Because he din’t learn anything from the books, he just rote those books and now put those words in his own words and showing himself bigger in the world of literates in-front of an average person.

Like they may aspect others to tell them the exact timings when they will get free, but they themselves are in confused state or they show it to others. They don’t want to tell any state of mind what they are thinking or manipulating, due to which they ignore others but they want others to reveal it to them.

They hide themselves from others, they are not confident and when told about these things they counter question; they put the same allegation on the other person and that little fellow is trapped in a mice trap.

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