Employment of women

Employment of women

After a big struggle employment of women has been widely accepted in present Indian society.
As they earn they are becoming independent also, which some conservative section of the society do not consider good. For them only its man’s right to be independent, to be free, to do things his own, to do whatever he want.

Parents now prepare their daughter for a vocational or professional role so that they can be employed.
Many unmarried girls give their salaries to their parents or use it in meeting the daily needs of their family. Now they don’t ask money from their parents to fulfill their daily needs or for others necessary things.

Somewhere this is good; as the women section which was earlier deprived of the contact from outer world; has now come out of four walls and is taking responsibility of the family like a son do.

But the society can not let her be fully free, somewhere they put some restrictions on one or the other way. Actually you cannot say that those are restrictions because they are explained and told in such a way.

When a girl is married; she has to deal with one of the very difficult situation that to whom now her earnings belong to.
Can she freely spend her money like she used to do it when she was not married or she will have to spend it on her in-laws, or what she will do with this.

Now love marriage trends are also increasing. Parents are accepting the choices of their children and letting them marry out of the caste.

In these marriages girl-boy relation is very open, they respect each others decision. They don’t let other suffer of such a small issue, they call themselves broad-minded, and don’t interfere much in the decisions made for the families.

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