In the digital world, it is so difficult to get yourself concentrated to one point.
We share the same story.
We started this youth dimension as a portal where one can search for new movie releases, mobiles, cars and comparing them for the visitors
Initially it was good but then we scattered. It became difficult for us to search and refine data; we were loving the job but some kind of zeal was missing.

Now after a long break we have given it a new start and are continuing as a blogger.
We travel, and whatever problems we face during our trips, we are just consolidating that data and creating information out of it and putting it at one place.

We are spiritual minds [just like others 😉 ], so we like to share our opinions on life.

Youth dimension is like others only. We love to write anonymously also, when we don’t get the right topic. We write about anything hotchpotch and enjoy it 🙂
After all its all about internal satisfaction.

Youth dimension wants to make the choices in life easier. The problems we face, the practicality of life, etc. Whatever we write we do it from our experiences.

Please Criticize Us to Help Us Improve!!!

Spare a moment.
Youth Dimension is people’s site and accept all applauds and criticism which help us to work better and beyond the limit. Your kind review will guide Youth Dimension towards right path, improve the website and bringing inclusion of visitors in the youth dimension family.